Aspiring Leaders’ Forum 24th-27th August 2023

Kia Ora

The Aspiring Leaders’ Forum on faith and values is an annual event that brings together a diverse group of committed and courageous young leaders from across Aotearoa New Zealand.  Guided by facilitators and esteemed national leaders, selected young people will discuss leadership from a narrative point of view, throughout a carefully articulated and varied four-day programme.

Our hope is that Aspiring Leaders’ Forum will build a bridge from one generation to the next, inspiring and elevating our young people’s expectations of leadership.

  • “Aspiring Leaders’ Forum gave me an inspiration and emboldening to make something of myself.”

    Eddie Tuiavii // Delegate
  • “The Forum creates a unique opportunity for politicians to explain and discuss their own philosophies.  It is a unique and refreshing event in the life of Parliament.”

    Hon Bill English
    Hon Bill English // Previous Prime Minister
  • "I never found a space where faith and values were discussed openly and with such passion. Being in this space, made me appreciate the differences between one another whilst celebrating our similarities."

    Rana Arif // Delegate
  • One of my highlights was hearing Rt Hon Jim Bolger speak and being inspired by his experiences as a former Prime Minister. After his talk, I felt empowered, realising that I am already equipped to be a catalyst for change. I can have an impact and bring restoration.

    Kandarp Dalal // Delegate


The Aspiring Leader’s Forum is more than just a four-day event. Find out about upcoming alumni gatherings, service projects and other activities organised by the New Zealand Leaders’ Trust.