ASPIRING LEADERS’ FORUM  29th August – 1st September 2024


As a nominator you play a crucial role in shaping the annual event and ongoing work of Aspiring Leaders’ Forum on faith and values. Your nomination will honour and encourage this young leader and has the potential to see them participate in a life-changing experience. To make a nomination, you will need an individualised link that we sent you in your nominations pack. If you would like to receive a nomination pack, please contact us.

  • “ALF has been an amazing, invaluable experience, from having someone believe in me enough to nominate me to hearing from amazing speakers to sharing with and learning from our small groups.”

    Rebecca McCaughan // Delegate

Nomination Criteria

  1. Delegates must be nominated to attend.
  2. Delegates must be aged between 18 – 26.
  3. Delegates need to exhibit leadership in their sphere of influence.
    (Note: Not all of the delegates will be involved in formal studies and some may not fit into a conventional model of leadership.)
  4. Delegates need to be open to discuss how their faith and values inform their understanding of leadership.
  5. Nominators require an individualised link to nominate (please contact the forum office to be registered as a nominator).
  6. Nominators can nominate only three nominee’s per year.
  7. Sponsorship of nominee attendance is encouraged but not compulsory.

Forum Cost


  • The rate includes accommodation and meals, but exclude transport to the Forum.
  • Fundraising materials will be provided to delegates to assist in the raising of funds. Delegates who are not fully sponsored by their nominator can apply for sponsorship.
  • If you are not nominating a young leader at this time but would like to financially support delegate attendance, you can make a donation here.