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Welcome to the Aspiring Leaders’ Forum first blog post. Our hope is that these words will create space for pause, pondering and pursuit. This blog will not be a notice board of activities, or an advertisement of our programmes, but will be a collection of thoughts and reflections from the ALF team and beyond.

The theme? The Aspiring Leaders’ Forum mantra, our kaupapa: servant leadership. We will discuss what servant leadership looks like in practice, in all the various roles we assume in our lives – as students, Mums, CEOs, friends, etc.

Servant leadership is an ancient leadership philosophy and practice and ALF is under no illusion that we are discussing something new (if only we were as cool as Robert Greenleaf and came up with the term ourselves, but no so such luck).

Our alumni and networks are filled with unique voices that we want to hear, and will invite to give their perspective on this rather huge yet also simple and foundational way of leading and thus living. Keeping with the ALF style, these voices will be honest, personal and thought provoking – we are not aiming for writing scholarships or perfection, but rather realness and inspiration.

 Text and photo by N.Reese

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